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M. Sc. Lisa Harseim


Jun.-Prof. Transformation to Sustainable Energy Systems

Urban Footprints ProjectLisa portrait


Faculty for Environment and Natural Resources

Insitute for Environmental Social Sciences and Geography

Tennenbacher Str. 4

D-79106 Freiburg

Telephone: +49 761 203 67811






Lisa Harseim contributes since May 2019 as research assistant to the research project “Urban Footprints” which had been newly created at the HafenCity University Hamburg at first. Additionally, since September 2019, she is supporting the new Junior-Professorship “Transformation to Sustainable Energy Systems” in its establishment phase. Starting 2020, she increasingly works on her own graduate studies on the topic of polycentric phosphorus management.

As a result, she is currently researching urban stewardship- and transformation processes of infrastructure and lifestyles, emission mitigation and sustainable resource management.

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Research areas


Predominantly, Lisa Harseim researches urban governance mechanisms of CO2e-emissions and resource management. Her focus lies in food supply and nutrient cycles, in particular of phosphorus whose sustainable stewardship as a finite, critical and irreplaceable resource becomes increasingly important. Further interests lie in the methodology of Industrial Ecology and transformative science.

More information on her current research within the PhD here.

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Professional career (excerpt)


  • Scientific research assistant/PhD. Student in the project “Urban Footprints” at the junior professorship “Transformatoin to Sustainable Energy Systems” at the Faculty for Environment and Natural Resources of the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg (since 05/19)
  • Student research assistant in the project “Nutrisafe” which researches the potential use of blockchain technology for the resilience of food supply at the Kühne Logistics University Hamburg (09/2018-04/2019).
  • Student assistant for the World Wind Energy Association (WWEA) (01/2018-03/2018).
  • Fulltime intern as Policy Intern Climate and Energy at the Hamburg NGO World Future Council (WFC) (10/2017-01/2018).
  • Student research assistant in the ÖSKKIP project investigating the relation of ecosystem services and governance at the HafenCity University, Hamburg (06/2017-09/2017).
  • Student research assistant for the study “Economic Evaluation of Hamburg’s Green Roofs”, commissioned by the State Ministry for Environment and Energy, at the HafenCity University Hamburg (09/2016-10/2017).
  • Several tutorials at the HafenCity University Hamburg (2016-2017).


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2020 – 2024

  • cand. Dr. phil. – Urban phosphorus governance, Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg


10/2015 – 04/2019

  • M. Sc. REAP - Resource Efficiency in Architecture and Planning, HafenCity University Hamburg


10/2011 – 02/2015

  • B. Sc. Architecture, Technical University of Berlin


10/2009 – 09/2011

  • B. Sc. Lifesciences (ohne Abschluss), University of Potsdam


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Courses in the summer term:

  • Assistance in "Globale Sustainability Transformtions in Local Contexts" (M. Sc. Renwable Energy Management, M. Sc. Environmental Governance, Elective)
  • Assistance in "Research Skills and Ethics for Sustainable Development" (M.Sc. Renewable Energy Management, Core Module)


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Scientific Articles:

  • Harseim, L., Sprecher, B., & Zengerling, C. (2021). Phosphorus Governance within Planetary Boundaries: The Potential of Strategic Local Resource Planning in The Hague and Delfland, The Netherlands. Sustainability, 13(19), 10801. MDPI AG. Retrieved from


  • Harseim, L., Heinemann, K. (2019). Theory and practice of a low-foodprint workshop. Retrieved from
  • Harseim, L., John, N., Zengerling, C. (Eds). Global Cities on a Low Carbon Path: Envisioning Systemic Change in Urban Metabolisms. UFP Kickoff Workshop Report. Retrieved from
  • Harseim, L., Leidreiter, A., van Staden, R. (2018). The local dimension of the NDCs: 100% renewable energy. Retrieved from


  • Dickhaut, W., Vignola, G., Harseim, L. (2017). Hamburg’s green roofs: An economic evaluation. Retrieved from
  • Ababei, P., Harseim, L., John, N., Yener, D., Gaidhankar, K., Miramontes, F., …, Fraser, T. (Eds). (2017). Climate responsive urban planning in El Gamaleya, Cairo.


  • Harseim, L. (2019). Feeding the urban metabolism within planetary boundaries: A policy for future-proof phosphorus supply of a medium-sized western European city with respect to its global hinterland (master thesis). HafenCity Universität, Hamburg, DE.


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  • Harseim, L. (2020). Resource Governance: A Case for Phoshorus [Presentation]. Available online.
  • Harseim, L. (2019). Die Stadt lebt: Wie bewegen wir sie zur Nachhaltigkeit? [Presentation]. Available online.


  • Harseim, L. (2019). Feeding the urban metabolism within planetary boundaries: A policy for future-proof phosphorus supply of a medium-sized Western European city with respect to its global hinterland [Poster]. Available online.


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  • International Society for Industrial Ecology - Sustainable Urban Metabolism & Socioeconomic Metabolism Section


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